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Personal Coverage

As an independent insurance agency, the team at Gullotti Insurance offers a wide range of products and carriers for your personal insurance coverage. Based on your particular situation, needs and budget, we will help you protect your assets and future with a policy that offers the necessary coverage at competitive rates.

Vehicle Insurance

Protect your assets from financial loss by insuring your vehicles against bodily injury, property damage, medical coverage and uninsured motorists claims. Our policies include various options for collision, comprehensive coverage, rental insurance and towing where applicable.
Policies are available for all types of vehicles including:
● Automobiles
● Motorcycles
● Trucks
● Motor Homes
● Boats
● Recreational Vehicles
● Antique/Classic Cars

Homeowners Insurance

For most homeowners, the primary residence is their largest investment and one that is vital to protect from loss. Designed to restore your home or possessions to their state before your loss event, your homeowners insurance offers a variety of options for protection caused by fire, accident and natural disaster as well as liability.

Gullotti Insurance offers policies for residences in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with options that include contents replacement, personal injury, umbrella policies and flood coverage.

Policies are available for residence types that include:
● Single family homes
● Mutli-family homes
● Condominiums

Umbrella Insurance

In an increasingly litigious society, the peace of mind that your assets will remain protected from a lawsuit or exceedingly high judgement is an invaluable benefit to many. Umbrella insurance offers you personal protection from lawsuit or settlement that could put your home, assets or savings at risk.

The amount of umbrella coverage that an individual might need is dictated by many factors, all of which the team at Gullotti Insurance can discuss with you to determine the appropriate amount of insurance coverage for your concerns.

Free Registry (MA Only)

In addition to vehicle insurance, our office also offers the convenience of free registry service for Massachusetts residents.